ABC Acupuncture- G is for Golfers Elbow

Medial epicondylitis more commonly known as golfers elbow is characterised by pain on the inside of the elbow. It is caused by the over-use of flexor muscles of the wrist and fingers. It is not an exclusive injury to golfers. Certain hobbies or occupations can also increase chance of developing this injury. Activities include: DIY, painting, climbing, and sports involving gripping or throwing, or overuse of vibrating tools.

In traditional acupuncture, pain is caused by the stagnation of qi and blood. Acupuncture focuses on removing this blockage and promoting flow through the muscles reducing pain and inflammation.

Scientifically when needles are inserted into the skin, they stimulate the nerves and cause the brain to release endorphins, resulting in reduction of pain. Blood circulation is also enhanced improving recovery rate.

Taping the muscle and incorporating stretches in the treatment process will also assist recovery.

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