ABC Acupuncture- F is for Frozen Shoulder

Adhesive Capsulitis; more commonly known as frozen shoulder is a condition caused by the joint becoming inflamed and stiff; resulting in restriction on range of movement and pain. This can be debilitating and can affect daily activities.

It is more common in women, and over the age of 40 years old.

Cause: unknown. However individuals are more likely to develop frozen shoulder after injury, surgery or stroke and there is an increased risk for those with diabetes.

Typically frozen shoulder develops slowly over several months. There are three stages: ‘freezing’, ‘frozen’ and ‘thawing’.

– Freezing stage: reaching out for things becomes painful and range on movement starts to become limited.
– Frozen: increasingly stiff shoulder and muscle wastage due to inactivity.
– Thawing: gradual return of movement in the shoulder and pain should decrease. Full range of mobility may not return.

Without treatment it could take approximately two years to improve.

Orthodox treatment: painkillers, corticosteroid injection and shoulder exercises. In addition, your GP may refer you to a physiotherapist.

Complementary treatment: massage therapy, exercise and acupuncture.

How can acupuncture help?

– Reduce inflammation
– Pain relief
– Improve blood circulation to painful areas.

In addition, I am trained in muscle energy release techniques and can combine acupuncture with stretches and suggest exercises to promote a speedy recovery at no additional cost.

If this condition affects you, call Hannah on 07885633308 for an appointment, or Neston Natural Health and Beauty on 0151 353 0093.

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