Initial Acupuncture treatment: £40

1 hour, includes full consultation and Acupuncture treatment (20-30mins).

Follow up treatments: 45 mins-1 hour, £35

DEAL: 3 treatments for £100 (buy together). 

Auricular Acupuncture: £15 (£8 for seeds)

Small needles inserted onto specific points on the ears for beneficial effects. After an acupuncture treatment, seeds can be placed on the ears for you to stimulate these points at home. Effective for headaches, insomnia, and addiction therapy. 

Sports Massage: £35

Initial Acupuncture and Massage: £50

Follow up Acupuncture and Massage: £40

Tui Na: (Pronounced Twee- na) FREE*

Tui na is a fundamental part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is a form of massage practised over clothes. For muscle relaxation and reducing pain.

*this is included in your acupuncture treatment if Hannah believes you will benefit.

Cupping: £30

The purpose is to enhance circulation and help relieve pain. Involves plastic jars on the skin, creating a vacuum by suctioning out the air. You may consider this as an additional treatment if you suffer from back pain, muscle aches or stress. 

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