Initial Acupuncture treatment: £40

1 hour, includes full consultation and Acupuncture treatment (20-30mins).

Follow up treatments: 45 mins-1 hour, £35

DEAL: 3 treatments for £100 (buy together). 


Auricular Acupuncture: £15 (£8 for seeds)

Small needles inserted onto specific points on the ears for beneficial effects. After an acupuncture treatment, seeds can be placed on the ears for you to stimulate these points at home. Effective for headaches, insomnia, and addiction therapy. 

Sports Massage: £35


Initial Acupuncture and Massage: £50

Follow up Acupuncture and Massage: £40


Thinking of treating someone? Gift Vouchers are available! 

Manual Lymphatic Drainage: £40

MLD has powerful cleansing, relaxing, pain relieving & immunological effects. In its manual form it is a gentle, flowing, rhythmic massage. MLD is used primarily to promote the optimal functioning of the lymphatic vessels that lead to the circulatory system. 

MLD is extremely gentle, the majority of clients either fall asleep or go into a highly relaxed state, due to the slow gentle rhythmic motions involved. 

Conditions it may benefit: post cosmetic surgery, post operative cases, puffy ankles, individuals who are going through a detox or dieting, digestive problems and more. 



Private Health Insurance

Many private health insurance companies recognise acupuncture as wellbeing therapy, and you may be able to claim back your treatment. This varies on your health insurance provider, you could contact them for clarification.

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