ABC Acupuncture: H for Hot flushes

Up to 80% of menopausal women are affected by hot flushes, it is one of the most common symptoms. They tend to be more pronounced late in the day, during hot weather, after consumption of hot foods or drinks and during periods of stress. Most women have hot flushes for more than a year and up to 25% will suffer for 5 years or longer, for some it’s just a minor annoyance, for others it has a pronounced affect on quality of life.

Hot flush is a feeling of intense heat, palpitations, warm skin, sweating and red face. Some people can also suffer from night sweats. Hot flushes can cause sleep disturbances, anxiety, depression and reduced cognitive function – forgetting and difficulty concentrating.

The cause of hot flushes is hormonal changes in the body, resulting in inflammation.

Positive lifestyle changes include: keep home and work life cool, wear natural fibres, drink plenty of water, avoid caffeine, alcohol and spicy foods. Exercise stabilises hormone and insulin levels and it may be useful to keep a journal about symptoms.

Acupuncture can help reduce heat from inside the body, balance the hormones and reduce inflammation.

If hot flushes are a nuisance, improve your quality of life and try acupuncture.

Call Hannah on 07885633308 to book an appointment, or message on Facebook. Do something today to step into a better future.

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