Its rudolph season: red nose and sounding a bit hoarse, treat yourself to a hot toddy.

A cold is defined in Chinese medicine as wind-cold, someone who is suffering from a cold needs to sweat in order to eliminate the wind from the body. Ginger tea or an old fashioned hot toddy will encourage us to sweat.

C3348DA1-2E44-4225-BA9E-EFABF615FEABHot toddy: Capful of Whiskey, teaspoon of honey and squeeze1/2 lemon in boiling water.

The antioxidants in honey and lemon have been linked to beneficial effects on heart health and both relieve dry throat and cough. Whiskey is rumoured to have several health benefits (when consumed in moderation). Research has suggested that whiskey has antioxidants and traces of vitamins that stimulates the immune system, therefore fighting off cold viruses.


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